One Incumbent Repudiated: Holmdel Republicans Choose Vicky Flynn over Serena DiMaso to run with Scharfenberger

March 2, 2021


Endorsements rolling in for Flynn

By Jeanne Wall

HOLMDEL, NJ – In a hometown repudiation of Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso, The Holmdel Republican Municipal Committee officially acted  to endorse Vicky Flynn for the New Jersey State Assembly.

The choice of a Republican candidate is managed through the Monmouth County Republican Committee through local committees which includes elected officials in each district. They are charged with determining which candidates are best suited and supported for organizational support. Any registered Republican can run for office off of the regular Republican ‘line’ but success is measurably difficult. In Holmdel, DiMaso has lost support by the entire organization with the exception of herself.

A statement was released to TAPinto by Marcy Prince-McMullen, Chair Rocco Impreveduto, Vice Chair:

“The Holmdel Republican County Committee is proud to endorse Vicky Flynn for State Assembly. We know Vicky well and know she is exactly the right candidate to join Gerry Scharfenberger fighting for Monmouth County in Trenton. We enthusiastically support her and encourage our fellow Republican Committee members to join us in supporting her.”

“New Jersey is at a crossroads. We need smart and well-intentioned leaders in Trenton with the character and integrity to stand up for what our citizens need. This is why the Holmdel Republican County Committee overwhelmingly endorses Vicky Flynn for Assembly,” said the statement.

“Vicky has shined a bright light on the need for strong Republican leadership at the Statehouse – it’s the only way for New Jersey to emerge from this pandemic better and stronger than before. We need a leader like Vicky who will stand-up against Murphy’s COVID policies that have strangled our small businesses, contributed to deaths of thousands of our most vulnerable citizens and failed to assist schools so that they can open their buildings to students and teachers throughout the state. Vicky has been a leader as President of our School Board in safely and responsibly reopening our schools and getting our kids back into class. She has relentlessly fought to provide our students with the best education possible all the while protecting taxpayers. Vicky was able to achieve these goals for our residents by working with her colleagues on the Board of Education and the Holmdel School District to get our kids back in the
 classroom  and ensure remote learning is offered to those families who require it.” Said the statement.

“A natural consensus-builder with an undeniable track record of supporting women in leadership positions – Vicky is simply the best choice to unify our party and advance it into the future. We hope you will join the members of the Holmdel Republican County Committee and endorse Vicky Flynn in her candidacy for the NJ State Assembly,” the statement concluded.

It was signed by the entire organization less one member – DiMaso is a member too and did not endorse Flynn. She intends to run for re-election.

Voting for Flynn were Delia Fagan, Wes Fagan, Joe Hernando, Valerie Avrin-Marchiano, Adam Khachaturian, Art Frank, Tobi Frank, Rocco Impreveduto, Danielle Impreveduto, Victor Lolli, Mary Vassilakos, Richard Guarnacena, Christine Schmitt, Melissa Beradino, Michael Felice, Kim LaMountain, Lea Waggoner, Chris McCann, Joe Bradley